Monday, December 8, 2014

Que privilegio he tenido

Dear Family and Friends,

Our investigator-friend Oscar was baptized this Saturday!!!!! It was a beautiful baptism! His friend who introduced him to the Church 30 years ago was at the baptism and bore a beautiful testimony. Oscar cried with happiness as he came out of the font!

We had a service project with another investigator family. The wife is a member less active and her husband is investigating the Church. They are trying to build their house as fast as they can. We went over on Saturday morning and helped them lay some bricks and move stuff around. We were covered in cement powder after the activity!

We had two great Noches de Hogar (FHE) this week. We had one were the children of the family invited their neighbor friends over. It was a blast. We talked about the meaning of Christmas and watching the He is the Gift video (Él es la dádiva)!!!! I love working with the members!!!

It was really hot this week!!! And sandy! And windy!!! I love the weather. I think I am going to get sick when I get home because of the drastic weather change from hot to cold! 

I really can't believe that this is my last week!! The time has flown by so fast. I am so excited to see you all and give you all hugs! 

Being a missionary for the Lord has been a privilege. The time I have been here, for a year and a half, has been a year and a half that will forever change my life. The things I have learned in serving a mission I never could have learned from going to school, working, or visiting another country.  It is because of this mission that my whole perspecive of life has changed. 

I have come to understand our purpose here on earth and have come to learn that our Heavenly Father really does exist. I know that He REALLY does love us. In John 3:16 it says that becuase of the Love that our Heavenly Father has for us He sent his beloved Son to earth so that we can return with Him again. He has given us our Savior Jesus Christ as the only way we can truly be happy. I know that there are living prophets on the earth again. He has given us guides and directions to follow to be on the correct path again. I know that the Book of Mormon is true. I know that if we read it with real intent to know of its truthfullness and ask our heavenly father in prayer with faith He WILL answer us. Put it to the test. I have.  For the last year and a half this has been my invitation to all of the Argentinian people. 

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the true and Living church of our Savior Jesus Christ. Que privilegio he tenido de poder servir a nuestro Salvador por un año y medio en Argentina! Amo ser misionera y estoy agradecida por poder llevar su nombre sobre mi corazón.

I end this testimony in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.


Hermana Zubeldia

Monday, December 1, 2014

Message of the week

Dear Family,

We made tons of popcorn this week!!

This week we had lunch with Moira and her dear family!!! They are progressing so well and are feeling the Spirit in their lives. I can't believe how much they have changed these past 4 weeks. They still need to get married but they are working on it right now. We also had lunch with Oscar, another investigator. He invited us and a sister (Hermana Estella Maldonado) in the ward over on Saturday. He made us canalones, and I have to say that they were the best canalones I have had on the whole mission!!! They were absolutely delicious!!! We also went to have lunch with a sister in our ward who just had surgery. She taught us how to make pasta using the empanada dough! They were super good :) This week we had some great lunches! We aren't going hungry at all!

And the best part of the week... Oscar, our investigator, is getting baptized this weekend!!! Oscar, 20 years ago, almost got baptized. Because of some personal events, he wasn't able to. But a month ago, Hermana Godoy and I found him outside his house. We started talking to him and he invited us over again. That was a day before Hermana Godoy left. When Hermana Barker came, we continued to visit Oscar. He has progressed so much. He has stopped smoking and is reading the Book of Mormon. I am so happy to see how much he sees himself changing. He defends us when his friends come over and tells us how much peace he feels at the church. He is so excited to get baptized!!! Tonight we have an FHE with him and a member family. Its going to be great!!

I am so happy to share this gospel. I love to see the change it makes in the lives of those we meet. The change that occurs is that people start to recognize the Holy Ghost and feel their faith growing. I have seen this time and time again as people read and pray about the Book of Mormon. My brother Pablo always talks about the power of the Book of Mormon. Some may say its just another book. But the truth is far from that. This book contains the words of God. The God who created this earth. He has given us instructions on how to return to him and how to have faith on that path. His instructions are contained in the Book of Mormon.

I invite all of you to read this book and ask our Heavenly Father in prayer with REAL intent to know if it is true. I promise you as a Representative of the Savior that you will feel the spirit inside of you tell you of its truthfulness. I know that The Book of Mormon is the word of God. Just like the bible, this book testifies that Jesus is the Christ, the Savior of the World, my Savior, and your Savior.

I hope you all have a great week! I love you!

Hermana Susana Zubeldia

The true Church!
Look...a member gave me a grass head!!! its growing! :)
Hermana Barker, yo, Hermana Morgan y Hermana Williams
My companion and I waiting for the bus In the colectivo
Waiting for another bus.
Sooo cute!

Adventures of Hermana Barker and Hermana Zubeldia....

Monday, November 24, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving

Dear Family,

I am so thankful for all my wonderful blessings! There are so many.

This week was great!! My companion and I had a great time meeting new people and sharing with them all the wonderful blessings this gospel brings to our lives. It's the best work someone can do, to be able to share what makes them happy with everyone they meet. I love this gospel and being able to share it is amazing!!! From 6:30 am to 10:30 pm it's all I do! And sometimes I dream that I am teaching the gospel or contacting. I don't remember sometimes, but my companion sure tells me...apparently I talk in my sleep :)

A Zone meeting practice
This week we had zone conference with Presidente Parreño y Hermana Parreño. I learned a lot from what was taught. We talked about the Work of Salvation and about how to teach better.  Even though I have only 3 weeks left there is still so much for me to improve on and to learn. I am so excited to put what I have learned into action!

With Hermana Parreño
Being Thanksgiving this week I want to share with you all the things that I am thankful for. I am so thankful for my family. You are the best! I talk about you everyday and show your picture to everyone I meet. I love you all so very much! I am so thankful for all of the adventures we have been on. I am so thankful for growing up in the gospel and in the church. I am so thankful for all the sacrifice of my parents and for them always supporting me. Without you, I wouldn't be here on the mission.

I am thankful for the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I can't imagine my life without it. I don't know where I would be without the knowledge of the Plan of Salvation. It is my hope that EVERY MEMBER OF MY FAMILY can accept this Gospel. IT is truly the only way to find REAL peace!!

I am thankful to be a missionary. Sharing the Gospel has given me a different perspective in my life and has taught me how to live the rest of my life. I love sharing this Gospel every day and with everyone! I am grateful I chose to spend 18 months to serve the Lord!

My companion, Hermana Barker
I am thankful for my companion. Hermana Barker is a great friend and companion. She has already taught me so much from her example and diligence. She shares her testimony with everyone! She may not know perfect Spanish, but when she shares her testimony I can feel the spirit fill the room. Thank you Hermana Barker for your friendship and kindness.

I am thankful for all the rest of my family! Thank you Barlow family and familia Zubeldia!!!

I love this Gospel. I know it is true. I know that the Book of Mormon is the word of God. I know that families can be together forever as we live the commandments. I know that Life has a purpose to it. We aren't here just because, we are here to learn and to grow so that we can become like our Heavenly Father.

And do you know what is the best part about Thanksgiving????? It isn't just being thankful for our blessings, its about giving to others what we have been blessed to have. I have been blessed to have the wonderful Gospel in my life and I am so happy to be able to give it to other!!! This thanksgiving I want to invite each of you to share your testimony with someone else and let them know how much this Gospel can bless their lives!

I have so many things to be grateful for!!! HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!

Hermana Zubeldia

Hermana Morgan, me, Hermana Barker, Hermana Williams

Monday, November 17, 2014

santa rosa!!!

Dear Family,

Well, this week was so much fun!!! My companion and I worked in areas that we had never gone before.  So because we did a lot I am going to write it all in bullet points because it is easier:

Service project with the elders and ward mission leader!
1.  We had a service project. We went with our ward mission leader and the elders in our ward and did yard work for our ward mission leaders neighbor.  The man has some knee problems and we helped cut grass and weed. We had a lot of fun talking to the man and working out in the sun.

2.We had an FHE (Family Home Evening) with a member family.  She invited her Recent Convert neighbor and a recent convert 11 year old who brought his best friend. The family also invited their 14 year old cousin who isn't a member. The FHE was a lot of fun and at the end we ate banana bread with dulce de leche in the middle! I truly believe that member-missionary work is the best way to help people progress and come unto Christ. Without the members the missionary work would go on slower.

My companion took pictures of me contacting this week.....
3. We contacted in a new area that we had never been to before. The area was 5 miles from down and was only 3 streets of houses. We went with the goal to find a new family to teach. And not only did we find a great new family but we spent 2 hours on one street because at every house we knocked at they let us in or we talked in their patio!! We found one family that are Evangelical Christians that were so kind. They let us in and their little 7 year old daughter was so excited to show us her bible! She listened attentively to the lesson and while her father asked questions about Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon. The little girl at the end of the lesson said, "mom, you need to let these two girls come back to teach us again, they are special!" We have a lesson with them again this next Wednesday!

4.  Our investigator Moira came to church yesterday!! She loved it!!! Yesterday was the primary program and it was perfect for her to see. After sacrament meeting she had to leave but she wanted to spend a couple of minutes in the primary room to see how the primary is. She has an 8 year old son and wants him to have good friends. She loved the primary!!! Afterwards she spent 30 minutes in the foyer talking to a member who shared her conversion story. The spirit was really strong and Moira left the church so excited to come back next week with her son and her husband!!

This patio had no gate.
5. This week we have gotten some nice sunburns thanks to the nice sun! The weather is super hot and humid. :)

I just want to say that I love serving a mission. This truly is the Lord's work.  I know that as we trust in the Lord and do all we can do be obedient to his commandments he will guide us on the right path.

"Asi vemos que el Señor es misericordioso para con todos aquellos que, con la sinceridad de su corazón, quieran invocar su santo nombre.  Si, asi vemos que la puerta del cielo esta abierta para todos, si, para todos los que quieran creer en el nombre de Jesucristo, que es el Hijo de Dios.  Si, vemos que todo aquel que quiera, puede asirse a la palabra de Dios, que es viva y poderosa, que partirá por medio toda la astucia, los lazos y las artimañas del diablo, y guiará al hombre de Cristo por un camino estrecho y angosto, a través de ese eterno abismo de miseria que se ha dispuesto para hundir a los inicuos, y depositará su alma, si su alma inmortal, a la diestra de Dios en el reino de los cielos." Helaman 3:27-30 (El Libro de Mormón)

Les quiero!!!

Hermana Susana Zubeldia

Service project with my companion.

My new companion, Hermana Barker.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Santa Rosa!!!

Dear Family!!!!!

I am so happy! ¡Estoy tan felíz!

Mi nueva compañera.... Hermana Barker!!!
My new and last companion is Hermana Barker!!! She is from West Jordan, Utah and just arrived here to Argentina from the Provo MTC!! She is an amazing missionary and companion. From the first day she was ready to work and share her testimony.  I am so excited to work with her this transfer and to see miracles!

Hermana Pinnock, Hermana Asencios, yo y Hermana Conrado
On Tuesday I went with another sister in our zone to Bahía Blanca to pick up our new companions! The bus ride was 5 hours long and we talked the whole way... since neither of us could sleep on the bus)! It was fun :)  We arrived in Bahía Blanca and guess who I found by surprise.... Hermana Pinnock and Hermana Ásencios, two of my companions!! While we were in Bahía Blanca I had the chance to see Orlando, one of the people I got to teach for a while. It was such a great experience because 3 of the 4 missionaries that taught him were all at his house at the same time! He definitely was surprised!

This week my companion and I had a great experience teaching one of our investigators named Moira! The Spirit was super strong in the lesson. Moira explained to us that as she has been reading the Book of Mormon she has felt more peace in her life. We talked to her about the plan of Salvation and the wonderful knowledge that she can be with her family forever.  The member who accompanied us bore a beautiful testimony and by the end all 4 of us were crying.

Her 9 year old son also told us that he had read all 3 of the pamphlets that we had left and asked if he could have another one. The member who accompanied us to the lesson gave him the Book of Mormon for kids. He was really exicted!!

I know that this is the Lords work. I know that this is the Church of Jesus Christ. The message that us missionaries share is simple yet beautiful:    The gospel of Jesus Christ, after being lost for centuries, has been restored to the earth by our loving Heavenly Father, through a modern day Prophet.
God is our Heavenly Father and we are his Children.  The gospel of Jesus Christ blesses our families. It brings peace, love and hope in the family unit.  To help us, God provided a way for us to return to his presence, and this is the gospel of Jesus Christ. He sent prophets to teach this gospel to the people on earth. Jesus Christ gave His life for us and provided the way to be clean of sin, on the condition that we have faith in him, repent and are baptized.  After Jesus Christ died and the apostles died, the authority that they had to baptize was lost for centuries. Many churches formed in search for the truth.

In 1820, our Heavenly Father called another prophet, Joseph Smith, to restore  the church of JESUS CHRIST and gave him the authority of the priesthood. Thanks to this restored authority we can be baptized in the right way and be families forever. Everyone can know for themselves the truthfulness of this message by reading the Book of Mormon.  The book of Mormon is another testimony of Jesus Christ and is evidence that Joseph Smith really was a prophet.  I know that this is True. I know that this is the Only and Real church of Jesus Christ.

This is why I am here in Argentina, to share this message. I invite all to consider this evidence and add it to the knowledge and truth they already have.  I promise, as a representative of the Lord Jesus Christ, that you can know the real truth for yourselves.

I love you all. See you soon

Hermana Susana Zubeldia

Hermana Godoy, yo, Élder Swanson y Élder Dávalos

Ultimo dia con la Hermana Godoy

¡Adios Hermana Godoy!

Hermana Williams, Hermana Morgan, yo y Hermana Godoy

Monday, November 3, 2014

Santa Rosa

Dear family,

Last time with Hermana Godoy
Saying goodbye
I am staying here in Santa Rosa!!! Transfers were this week and I am staying here. I am so so happy to finish off the misión here in Santa Rosa!!! And to my suprise I am also going to be training a new missionary! She comes on Wednesday!! I am super excited.  Hermana Godoy has been transfered to Mar del Plata! It was hard to see her go but I know that she is going to learn so much in her new area.  I really learned a lot from her. There is always a reason why we are put in certain areas with certain companions. I will always remember Hermana Godoy and what she taught me through her example.

For the next three days I will be working with the Hermanas from the other Ward. We are going to have a lot of fun. We will be working in their area.

Our investigators are progressing and we are continually finding new people to teach.  None of them could come to church because of the rain yesterday which made us a little sad. But hey, we are still going to work 200%!!!! I just know that this next transfer is going to be great!  I am excited to continue to work and to help others come unto Christ!! This is the best work that we can do.

Last picture with the four Hermanas
I feel so happy to share the gospel. I have never been so happy than on the mission. Being able to serve and to share my testimony about the gospel creates a happiness that is indescribable. And this happiness isn't just for the missionaries. You too can feel this incredible love for others as you share the gospel. I want to encourage you to invite the the Stewart family and the Clot family from Spain (the family that went to the Castle Valley Pageant) to listen to the missionaries.  Give them the chance to accept this gospel! I know that  as you seek the guidance of the Lord and act with faith and Love toward these two families the Lord will work miracles.  This is my invitation to you this week. We are all part of the work of salvation!!!

I love you all so very much!!!

¡¡¡Que bauticemos!!!!

Hermana Susana Zubeldia

PS: Let me show you some pictures of a Relief Society activity where they served a traditional asado:

Monday, October 27, 2014

Faith in the Lord is more than just a belief, its what we do

Dear Family,

I am super happy! This week was so wonderful! We had many miracles happen. First of all, we had Stake Conference and then interviews with our mission president. We also, contacted a lot of great people and worked a lot with the members. My companion is so wonderful. She teaches me so much. I love her enthusiasm for the work and her energy every morning when we wake up. When the alarm clock goes off she throws her pillow at me and says, "Wake up. It's a new day. Lets pray!" haha She is wonderful!

This week was very hot and very very very humid. Its only spring time... I wonder what summer is going to be like!!! Today its raining though. What a miracle it is.

This week we were supposed to have the baptisms for Belén y Fernando y Sofía but they all three decided at the last moment that they weren't ready. It was a little disappointing... Okay, very disappointing, but we are going to keep going!! They are ready, but they need to discover for themselves that they have received an answer! Satan always tries to put thoughts of doubt into our minds. He knows us very well and knows where and how to attack us. But we aren't going to let him get into the way of these wonderful families!!!

This is the last week of the transfer! The time is going by so fast. We are going to work hard and work with the Spirit. We are trying to help our investigators, Fernando, Belén, Sofía, Sofía, Moira, Fermín, Rosa continue to progress.

This last two transfers here in Santa Rosa have taught me a lot. I am not the same as I was 3 months ago. I have learned a lot here in Santa Rosa.  One of the things that I am learning is to have faith. Faith that miracles can and will happen. Faith that this is The Lord's work and that he can change lives. I am not talking about faith in things that are not seen but are real, but Faith that Jesus Christ is our savior. He really lives and knows who we are. The work here in Santa Rosa is slowly moving forward and we are planting many seeds. I know that those seeds will grow. This is the Savior's church and he wants all of his siblings to return to Him. Because of this love, he will give all of us the chance to accept the Gospel.

I love this Gospel. I know that his Church is the Church of Jesus Christ. I know that Joseph Smith was a prophet. I know that miracles can happen. Faith isn't just something we believe, its something we do. When we have faith in the Savior, we believe that his commandments are real and then we act with hope that we will receive those blessings.

I love you all so very much!!!

Hermana Susana Zubeldia

It's been very hot. It finally rained, and it was a relief.